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Uses and Market Applications

Solving design and performance issues for our customers’ individual applications is what Abbott Ball is all about. Our expertise transcends individual industries and applications; however, when it comes down to it, each customer gets precisely the product and service solution that is just right for them.

We help customers in all industries and for all applications gain a competitive advantage whether it is to simply reduce friction, lower cost, increase life, reduce maintenance, improve performance, prevent production downtime.

Some of the top industries we provide cost-effective solutions include:


Abbott Ball manufactures in house steel balls for space and aerospace market.


Abbott balls for automotive applications extend from engine components to airbags and more!


Abbott balls are widely used in construction products and equipment.


Abbott balls are employed in consumer products from cleaners to writing instruments.


Abbott precision balls for cosmetic market products have an array of uses.


Abbott balls in electrical & electronic products have an extensive range of applications.

Heavy Equipment

Abbott balls find their way into heavy equipment for a variety of industries.


Abbott balls are used in piercings, earrings, broaches and host of jewelry products.


Abbott Ball Company manufactures products for a range of medical applications.


Abbott Balls are used in a wide range of defense and weapon systems applications.


Abbott Ball manufactures in house steel balls for the Toy Industry


Abbott Balls are used in a wide range of welding applications.

Let the Abbott Lab Determine the Proper Steel Finishing Media for your parts

Send us your unfinished parts with a sample part having the desired finish. We’ll evaluate your parts in our laboratory and recommend the appropriate mix of media shapes, density, compounds, type of machinery and process for optimal results with Abbott steel media.

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