Abbott Ball Company manufactures products for a range of medical applications, from in vitro radiopacity to biocompatible, surgical grade components. Abbott engineers will work with yours to identify the most cost effective shape, material and process for your particular needs:

  • Marker shapes for radiopaque stent and orthopedic implant cage location.
  • Shapes include balls, rivets, beads, spheres, tabs, seeds, wire and rod.
  • Ball sizes from 0.0078″ (0.198mm) and up.
  • Metals & alloys from Tantalum, Platinum and its alloys to Nitinol, Gold, 316LVM.
  • Precision Balls for IV therapy check valves.
  • Precision Balls for high speed dental drills.
  • Precision Balls for Xray markers.
  • Precision Balls for surgical instruments.
  • Precision Balls for medical testing (breaking up tissue).
  • Specialty drill ball for surgery or catheter applications

ASTM-560 Medical
ASTM B 365 (5400) and (5200)
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001:2004

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