The ABCUT™ Advantage

Steel media with teeth

ABCUT™ is the patented steel media from Abbott that revolutionizes vibrator & barrel tumbling finishing. You get accurate deburring and a bright finish in one clean, economical process. Action from the grooves in ABCUT™’s patented media surface deburrs and removes material on steel, zinc and aluminum parts, while it imparts an exceptional part finish without change to the part shape. ABCUT™ leaves a bright finish that often eliminates the need for hand finishing or other secondary finishing processes.
ABCUT’s rapid deburring action can greatly reduce cycle times. As a result, its per-part finishing cost is exceptionally low, particularly when compared to similar processes with ceramic media. ABCUT™ can be used in any finishing system that accommodates steel media.

ABCUT advantage

ABCUT™ offers many advantages over conventional ceramic or plastic abrasive media. Since its introduction in 1987, ABCUT™ knurled media has reduced deburring costs and slashed finishing times for a host of companies manufacturing a range of products. ABCUT™ offers the unique ability to remove burrs and flash while it simultaneously imparts a lustrous finish to metal parts. And ABCUT™ does not contribute to water pollution problems, as do consumable media.