Stainless Steel Media

For Aggressive Processes

More acidic compounds have been developed for use with stainless steel tumbling media to dramatically cut finishing times. In fact, a descaling cycle is typically cut in half when chemistry with less than 4.0 or higher than 10 pH is used. Other finishing operations are also improved with these chemistries.

Eliminates or Reduces Compounds

Stainless steel’s inherent ability to resist corrosion often eliminates the need for expensive, consumable compound solutions and rust inhibitors. Even when compounds are required for finishing action, lower-cost compounds may often be substituted.

Reduces Maintenance

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tumbling media reduces the storage, maintenance and handling costs of carbon steel media. Rust inhibitors are usually unnecessary and maintenance procedures for overnight and longer-term shutdowns are considerably simplified. Stainless steel media more effectively resists damage should the compound delivery system fail and the vibratory process continue.

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