We Offer a Wide Range of Ball Sizes Materials and Grades

Abbott Ball holds a large inventory of imported and inspected balls in many different sizes, materials and grades. We are able to manufacture if needed directly here in the USA in case imposed products are delayed. This ensures availability and “just-in-time” delivery to customers across the US and internationally.

We maintain an extensive inventory of superior quality ball, most are of stainless or carbon steel, while the rest are from brass, aluminum, chrome steel, precious metals, and offers glass and plastic.

Semi-Precision Balls

Semi-precision balls are used in a wide variety of applications where the higher tolerances and cost of precision balls is not necessary.

Precision Balls

Precision balls are used in critical aeronautical bearings, guidance system balls for space and military applications....

Drilled Balls

Drilled balls are used in automotive engines. We can drill carbon, brass and stainless steel materials.

Steel Finishing Media

Steel Media in vibratory, barrel, and tumbling finishing equipment reduces material and media costs while it improves productivity.

Let the Abbott Lab Determine the Proper Steel Finishing Media for your parts

Send us your unfinished parts with a sample part having the desired finish. We’ll evaluate your parts in our laboratory and recommend the appropriate mix of media shapes, density, compounds, type of machinery and process for optimal results with Abbott steel media.

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