Abbott Ball prides itself on keeping ample inventory of key products to ensure that our customers are never left without product. Abbott also believes in product development, where we partner with our customer to develop parts that meet our customer needs. We have a dedicated lab on site to provide burnishing experimentation to ensure the customers get the correct product.

Some of the professional services we provide our customers include:

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Blind Shipping

Blind shipping is when you ship the goods, but you list another company’s name instead of your own.

Special Packaging

It is our goal to provide you the packaging to accommodate your shipping and production needs.


Abbott manufactures over five billion balls each year in a range of sizes and materials. Most are of stainless or carbon steel.

Quality Inspection

Abbott Ball has the equipment and experience to provide expert quality inspection and product verification services.

Inventory Management

Our timely deliveries and inventory management systems help our customers reduce costs and achieve on-time deliveries.


Abbott Ball prides itself on continuously high quality, on-time delivery and improved productivity to decrease costs.

Testing Lab

We have decades of experience providing standardized and customized tests on materials for many industries.

Let the Abbott Lab Determine the Proper Steel Finishing Media for your parts

Send us your unfinished parts with a sample part having the desired finish. We’ll evaluate your parts in our laboratory and recommend the appropriate mix of media shapes, density, compounds, type of machinery and process for optimal results with Abbott steel media.

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