Quality from Start to Finish

The Abbott Ball Company pioneered finishing with steel media. Ever since, we’ve worked to define and refine both the media and the process. From daily production meetings to laboratory research, development and analysis, to lot and order tracking, Abbott is committed to quality. That’s how we’ve earned our Quality Supplier designation from our customers. It’s also why we’re sole source media suppliers to so many major companies. Abbott Quality is in every shape we make


Abbott media’s metallurgical structure is engineered to prolong media life and eliminate the hidden costs of frequent reordering.


Abbott steel media maintain their original dimensions to prevent lodging or other problems associated with size reduction of other media.


Each ball or shape in the mass is an individual polishing tool working on parts being finished, and must be flaw-free for optimal performance without damage. Abbott media’s mirror-bright finish reflects surfaces free from defects.


Abbott’s shapes are checked for dimensional tolerance to ±0.010″* during production. This is the most stringent standard in the industry. Tight tolerances on all flanges, sloping edges, tapers, curves and points in Abbott’s complete line of shapes assure contacts in angles, grooves, and figured surfaces to eliminate or reduce the potential for lodging.


Abbott has developed proprietary techniques to ensure that its shapes receive uniform heat treatment for longer life. Whereas ball surfaces are equidistant from a common center and hardness penetration is uniform, formed shapes such as cones and ballcones can become brittle in their thinner, flanged sections. Abbott media shapes are case-hardened by proprietary and uniform carburizing methods… then tempered for stress relief. Our metallurgical laboratory carefully checks each manufacturing lot to assure compliance to our rigid standards. *Except length on pins and diagonals.

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