Glass Balls

Glass balls for crafts, decoration, hobby and a range of uses limited only by imagination and creativity. From marbles and party decorations to “crystal” balls, these spherical, transparent, colored or clear balls can serve many purposes.


Standard Colors (All Sizes)Standard Sizes (Dia.)
clear1.18 in.     30 mm.
blue1.57 In.     40 mm.
light blue1.97 In.     50 mm.
green2.36 In.     60 mm.
black2.76 In.     70 mm.
red3.15 In.     80 mm.
purple3.54 In.     90 mm.
pink3.94 In.     100 mm.
gold4.33 In.     110 mm.
amber4.72 In.     120 mm.
 5.12 In.     130 mm.
 5.91 In.     150 mm.
 7.87 In.     200 mm.
 9.84 In.     250 mm.

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